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Long Code in India

Long Code India, Mumbai, Local SMS Cost

Are you looking for Long Code in India, Mumbai, Prime Infotech Overseas is providing sms long code to generate leads for your business, We are provide your desires keyword on our shared long code as per your requirement. we are providing shared long Code through which you can generate leads for your business.

Long Code is 10 digit cell phone number, on which one main keyword is assign and many subkeywords assigned. Long code is widely use for generating business leads from all over World. Long code mostly use for product, services, promotions, events, charity donations, for NGOs, services, voting etc. Messages sent to long code number are generally billed at a normal sms. it will charged normal sms cost. The SMS Cost is very less compare to Short Codes.

In this shared Long code, one primary keywords provided on your company name or product name or service which is the brand long code of that particular company, in short this is recognised that incoming message come on the basis of keywords.

The Important Feature of Long Code is you can get inquiries from all over the world, whereas short code is limited to India only.

Who Can Use Long Code ?
The Content Providers, Educational Institutions, Businesses/ Industries/ Consumer Goods Companies, Co-operative Banks, Government Organisations, NGOs, Banks, Corporate Houses etc.

Caller Report

You could view all SMS Messages, sender information along with date, time coming to your Service through our Web-based Login system. Thus you could take feedbacks, get in touch with senders based on type of service.

Long Code Panel Features
long code panel Web based Long Code Panel
Primary Keyword Add Primary / Sub Keywords.
10 digit long code SMS to your Keywords
unlimited sub keywords Manage Keywords
download report View / Download Report
manage short code profile Manage Profile
Demo Link : http://shortcode.primeinfotechoverseas.com
User Name: scdemo
Password : scdemo
Prime Infotech Overseas is India based Long Code Service Provider, we are offering long code service with caller report facility. For Long Code Marketing Demo please contact us.

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